In my self-discovery journey, I found what my soul aches for. It’s not something new, or something unknown, but it’s certain that I want to do more of it. This discovered soul desire is called art.

I love colors, shapes, connecting with the spark inside all of us which helps me see and create. Therefore I built this website to show my art, share my perspectives and connect to other lovely beings that have the same ache as mine.

I want to express myself through art and share it with you. I think everyone is unique without even trying. We have different ways of seeing, perceiving, and expressing our inner selves.

These days one common topic is authenticity, which is great! Authenticity is connecting to the essence and letting that pureness express itself.

why “you are it”?

Maybe you’ve heard about Alan Watts and his famous “you are it”. Well, it’s not from there! ☺ But when I heard him say it, I had goosebumps.

I had a dream, I was standing at a crossroad from my city, I took a glance at a building, which had a message written on it. The message was:


Then I looked around the surroundings, but when I looked back at the building another phrase appeared:


I was intrigued, so I wanted to have a closer look but my alarm clock started to buzz and… I woke.

I believe that the dream was a sign and became the inspiration for this website name.