do you see me?

the real me?

do you see a stranger?

or do you see a friend?

are you allowing

to see?

the similar?

the contrast?


do you see you?

the real you?

Born and raised in Brasov, Romania – close to nature with which, over time, I developed a pure and deep connection. I’ve dreamed of traveling since I was little and my dream came true. The variety of cultures, people, and places expanded my vision. And the things that were hidden came to the surface.

I observed something quite interesting in exhibitions, in general people want to know how the artist sees what he is seeing or from where he got his inspiration. So I will answer them both. 

I discover the beauty in every little tiny detail only when I am in the present moment and my focus is on what is around me. Over time I developed a pattern in which some sparks, or shapes are distinctive to me, they are calling me to come closer and see its interesting, diffuse colors. 

Inspiration is a state of being. We are all inspired by something, someone, or some event. It’s more common than you think. Inspiration comes with the joy of dreaming, of interesting ideas, and also is arising the fears; of not being enough, of failing, of disappointment…  If you pass through these fears then you can see more clearly what are you inspired to do.  I faced these fears and others, but I am not cured of them :)).

I realize that if I am not going to do what makes my soul happy then I am going to die safe and bored. My source of inspiration is everywhere, in everything, in nature, on the sidewalk,  in the strangers that are passing by.. if I have my eyes wide open I can see it,  and so do you. 

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